Can you define love?

It was just the other day when I was reflecting on God’s prophetic word to me when I began to examine my life. This immersing rush to reach the lives of other people weighed on my heart as I thought about many ways to do so. I couldn’t help reject the typical way of reaching other people to share the amazing goodness of Jesus Christ. I soon realized that people don’t just want to hear about Jesus, but how Jesus has impacted our lives.

Numerous ideas ran through my head as I began to pray and ask God to give me some sort of divine strategy that would enable me to effectively “bear fruit” in this season. It was actually commanded by Him that I do so, but I couldn’t help but get nervous about how to do it? Have you ever been there? Voices of fear spoke to me saying 1.) I have an introverted personality 2.) It’s awkward to share the love of Christ? 3.) What if they look at me crazy?

I began to veer in on all my fears of witnessing and went as far as pulling out a book I purchased months back after facing the dilemma of my introversion, titled The Introvert’s Guide to Spontaneous Witness. This book apparently teaches introverted personalities how to share the goodness of Jesus Christ. I couldn’t help but to think of how silly it was for me to even go as far as reading a book on it, but by doing so I was admitting to myself of my own fears.

I began to share my passion to help young women and teens who’ve suffered from physical, mental, and sexual abuse, and sex enslavement. I found an organization that I could reach out to help me with fulfilling this burning passion. I shared this vision with my spiritual father who spoke prophetically and advised me of God’s words, “ Your greatest ministry is kindness, not preaching the word, not laying hands…kindness.” I automatically assumed the Lord had mistakenly led me to believe I had a spirit of kindness after I’ve oftentimes questioned the fruits of his spirit in me according to Galatians 5:22, mainly because my desire to improve myself. I was flattered yet couldn’t believe God said it’s my greatest ministry!  Even though these characteristics make up the spirit of Christ that lives in me, I understand some are still developing… Love being one of them. I grew frustrated with myself when I began to question whether I knew love and whether I had the spirit of love living in me. Anyone who’s reading this would think, well you’re a minister of the Gospel of Christ, you better have love, but do we truly know how to define love and can we define it in ourselves? That questioned challenged me to search within myself.

If you want to know what it looks like to love God’s people, examine how God has loved you.

Even so, I questioned whether I had the spirit of kindness as my spiritual father asked me to define the word. I had no idea how to define it, yet alone continued to question why God would say it’s my greatest ministry. I began to look up the Greek and Hebrew meanings according to the bible. Many scholars were unable to define this complex word as it makes up the embodiment of who God is and God is not of one who is equally to be compared. I finally stumbled upon a word that brought understanding after searching Google. The Strong Concordance describes the word kind as “chesed” and is derived from the word, “chasad” which means merciful. It finally made sense to me why God would instruct me to walk in mercy. In my new release Naked, I describe my experiences. The details of my story is a great testament of God’s mercy. Why wouldn’t I walk in this amazing spirit of mercy after God bountifully showed it to me during some of my most trying times? After receiving clarity I shifted to pondering on the spirit of Love and its deep complexity. Do I love people? Heck, I rarely like some people for that matter? What does it look like to love God’s people and am I doing it to His standards Lord? I thought. In a still small voice I heard, “If you want to know what it looks like to love God’s people, examine how God has loved you.”

It was that simple. The revelation of God teaching me to be mindful of how he’s loved me to share His love poured over into an abundant appreciation. Has God loved you? How has God loved you? The love God has sown into you, can you sow love in that same manner to others?


Teachable moments. Selah.